Vibration analysis - Cat 2

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Vibration analysis - Cat 2 Operators, technicians or maintenance, method, planning managers
Mobius Certification

This course provides a deeper understanding of the vibration analysis techniques and methods. The program concludes on the morning of the 5th day with an examination that, upon successful completion, will allow the participant to achieve certification as a Vibration Analyst ISO Category II. This course focuses on the analysis of complex problems such as machine resonance and vibration analysis of more complex machines such as gearboxes and low-speed applications. This program provides a more thorough understanding of the theoretical background of vibration analysis when compared to the Cat. I course, with concepts such as sampling, aliasing, and windowing being presented in detail.

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Wymagania wstępne

  • Vibration analysis (level 1) certificate required ;
  • 18 months of practical experience in vibration analysis.


  • Ability to diagnose basic faults of rotating machinery ;
  • Ability to configure a vibration monitoring program ;
  • Introduction to vibration analysis expertise.

Sprzęt szkoleniowy

  • Vibration test bench or rotating equipment if available on-site ;
  • 3D animation ;
  • Simulation software.


  • Recap on Level 1 ;
  • Vibration analysis of rotary equipment (imbalance, bearings,...) ;
  • Basic knowledge and analysis of vibration phase ;
  • Detection of early bearing defects using demodulation and PeakVue ™ ;
  • Signal understanding : Modulation, beat,… ;
  • Vibratory measurements configuration ;
  • Introduction to waveforms and orbits analysis ;
  • Spectral analysis intermediate level ;
  • Advanced techniques introduction ;
  • Remedial actions and maintenance plan ;
  • Questions/answers ;
  • Certification examination CAT2 according to ISO18436-2.