Vibration analysis - Cat 3

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Vibration analysis - Cat 3 Operators, technicians or maintenance, method, planning managers
Mobius Certification

The advanced course for vibration specialists is for people with at least 36 months of experience in vibration analysis and ISO Category II certification (or 60 months of experience, failing that). It provides an in-depth study of diagnostic techniques and the various applications associated with these techniques. The participant will either be the leader of the vibratory team or will play a leading role in fault diagnosis and final decisions.

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Wymagania wstępne

  • Vibration analysis CAT II certificate required ;
  • 36 months of practical experience*.

* Necessary to pass the exam. Not mandatory to attend the training


  • Diagnose faults on complex machinery ;
  • Diagnose faults on sleeve bearings ;
  • Structural analysis (Modal, ODS,...) ;
  • Achieve advanced vibration analysis expertise.

Sprzęt szkoleniowy

Vibration fault simulation rig/rotating equipment if available on-site.


  • Recap on Level 2 ;
  • Vibration phase definition and analysis ;
  • Vibration analysis applied to slow speed shafts (settings, diagnostics, ...) ;
  • Vibration analysis applied to sleeve bearings (orbits, ...) ;
  • Detection of electrical problems with current analysis and spectral analysis ;
  • Resonance problems detection and correction ;
  • Impact testing (configuration, measurement, analysis) ;
  • ODS (Configuration, measurement, analysis) ;
  • Introduction to continuous measurements on critical machines ;
  • Waveforms recording and analysis (post treatment) ;
  • Transient measurements (Run Up – Coast Down) ;
  • Advanced measurements configuration ;
  • Vibratory defects analysis on an advanced level ;
  • Remedial actions and maintenance ;
  • Questions/answers.