Since November 7th 2017, the Wi-care™ range (wireless technology sensors) is KCs certified and can be sold to Korean market, including to hazardous atmosphere industries. This is a new step in the sales development of Wi-care™ technology and products.

What is Wi-care™ ?

Wi-care™ is a wireless technology developed by I-care for the condition based monitoring that includes several types of sensors and a range extender. In combination with I-see™, the analytic & reporting portal, Wi-care™ allows to remotely execute accurate predictive maintenance diagnosis in the most demanding industrial environment.

Two years ago, the Wi-care™ products already obtained the IECEx / ATEX international certification for use in explosive and hazardous atmosphere industries.

What is the KCs Certification ?

The KCs (Korea Certification) certification mark is the equivalent of IECEx / ATEX certification for Korean industries. This is one of the most exacting standard in Korea.

The KCs mark has been obtained few months after the KC mark. KC signifies compliance with Korea’s product safety requirements for electrical and electronic equipment and components that utilise power from AC 50-1000V. The KC certification procedure for products includes the following steps:

  • Application – The application process involves the submission of an application form and product description. In addition, the manufacturer must obtain a certificate of registration.
  • Factory inspection – Production equipment and processes are inspected and audited for compliance with applicable safety criteria.
  • Product testing – The product is tested consistent with the requirements of the applicable safety standard(s).
  • EMC testing – The product is tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and immunity.
  • Post-certification surveillance – Regular factory inspections and market surveillance are required to verify continued compliance following certification.

KC & KCs certifications are ultimately issued by Korea-based certification bodies that have been approved by the Korea Standards Association (KSA).

Why is it important ?

South Korea is one of the world’s leading economic markets for electrical and electronic equipment and devices. However, products without KC certification can be denied entry into the country, and manufacturers of non-certified products found on the market may be subject to penalties. Having KC certified products assures legal market access to Korea, as well as acceptance by Korean buyers and consumers.

This new achievement puts I-care one step ahead in the technological race of Industry 4.0, illustrating its continuous innovation and know-how in Asset Health Management.