With I-see™, you bring enhanced data analytics to your team allowing for faster and better decisions to keep your plant running at peak performance.

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Vibration Analysis

What is it

I-see is a secure, web-based plug and play platform designed in-house by I-care engineers. This platform offers users the ability to focus on machine health, making field and analytics work easier and more efficient.

This unique and effective communication platform helps users to proactively optimize their maintenance costs and improve plant availability.

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I-see software platform features

Key Features

Within the I-see platform, all your predictive maintenance data is converted into manageable information and insights.

  • Multi-app connected 
  • Diagnostic analysis tool 
  • Customizable dashboard and KPIs
  • Instant SMS alarms and alerts
  • Big data enabled (condition monitoring and process monitoring)
Data Analysis and Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Available in 9 languages

  • Helps proactively optimize your maintenance costs and plant availability through an effective communication channel

  • Simple visualization of machine health through KPI’s

  • Integrates Wi-care™ sensors for increased automation 

  • Produces diagnostics reports

  • Data ownership is always with the client 


Providing Deep Domain Knowledge

We bring a predictive database representing millions of assets that spans over 30 years.

Predictive maintenance is not only about vibration and temperature data collected by Wi-care™, it is also important to integrate other condition parameters (e.g. lubricant, infrared thermography, and ultrasound analysis) to detect faults and predict failure modes effectively and efficiently.

With I-see™ you can easily import multiple predictive technology data into a centralized area and view the predictive diagnostic of every mechanical asset based on the technology used.

  • +4.3M

    Monitored Assets

  • +21.6M

    Monitored Bearings

  • +121M

    Acquired Waveforms


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