About Us


About Us

I-care is a global leader in predictive and prescriptive maintenance. Our AI-powered and data-driven solutions predict industrial failures before anyone else. We help our customers reduce risks for safer, more productive, and more sustainable industries.

Founded in 2004 and based in Belgium, I-care employs over 700 people with 26 offices in 12 countries.

Managing Industrial Risks
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Focused on client success

Our Mission

To change the way the world performs. By optimizing industrial risk management, organizations achieve improved performance across their business, through safer, more sustainable and more efficient operations.

Our Values

Pushing the limits of innovation

We know we can positively impact our colleagues, clients, and community by keeping people first when advancing technology to improve decision-making.

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  • Reduce industrial breakdowns

  • Increase site productivity

  • Nurture long-term client relationships

Respect for People

  • Promote equality, diversity, and inclusion

  • Work together to achieve more

  • Loyal, honest and have fun


  • Care about our planet

  • Industrial assets around the world consume less and pollute less with our services and solutions 

  • Strategy is based on sustainable growth and innovation


Our Approach

To help achieve your business outcomes such as increasing revenue, optimizing costs, and managing compliance, I-care offers an adaptive approach with three distinct delivery models to address your needs, taking into account your internal know-how, your people, systems, technology, and your organizations level of maturity.

With a team of seasoned predictive maintenance engineers, reliability engineers, data scientists, customer care managers at the ready, our clients will have piece of mind that the right work will get done and done right.

  • We take on full responsibility for all actions

  • We are self-sufficient in all our techniques and methodologies

  • We communicate regularly on actions and results

  • We work in compliance with quality and safety standards

  • We complement the day to day activities of your team

  • We adapt to your working environment

  • We apply your or our methods in consultation with your team

  • We comfortably transfer knowledge across technologies and methodologies to your team

  • We guide and advise you in applying the correct methods and techniques

  • We train you to implement those methods in the most appropriate manner

  • We help you at all operational and strategic levels

  • We support you ad hoc or on a continuous basis

Innovative technology

Leading Innovation Excellence  

Economic growth is driven by innovation and technological improvements. In everything we do, we strive for sustainable relationships and help our society and our customers to drive innovation and efficiency. The results provide a positive impact on people’s lives and help our customers reduce production costs and enable a higher output.

Innovation Overview

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Join us and become a Wi-care solution partner and add extra income to your business by offering the best solutions that increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs for your industrial clients.

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Our Awards

Our customers will always come first because we do what we do for them. So being recognized for accomplishments that ultimately help our industrial customers perform better and more safely is something we are proud to share.

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