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For over 20 years, leading industrial organizations have trusted our predictive maintenance technologies, methods and domain expertise to help make better machine health decisions for improved asset management performance. With our Wi-care™ as a Service (WaaS) solution, our clients will reduce risks for safer, more productive and more sustainable operations.

The well established Wi-care™ wireless monitor for vibration, impacting and temperature has a new face. Optimized performant IIoT monitoring capabilities for rotating equipment in a sleek, round design. Our Wi-care™ sensors are a proven wireless solution that enables mass-scale automated monitoring of your assets.

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What We Do

Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

We collect, connect, manage and analyze your data utilizing all in-house capabilities with a high standard of quality and service. Through our integrated technology expertise and asset management methods, we deliver the needed benefits of decreasing maintenance costs, increasing equipment uptime, while improving overall reliability and safety to your facility’s operations.

We collect machine health information through connected devices, sensors, and historical data

We enable access to multiple data sources, standardized industrial connectivity, and IoT protocols

We ingest and enrich data, provide big data processing and machine learning

Gain insights from the data, apps, and real-time analysis and alerting

Wi-care™ as a Service

Are you looking for reliable information on your asset health and insights on how to improve it ? Consider Wi-care as a Service ! WaaS is an all inclusive end-to-end solution for digital predictive maintenance that : 

  • Matches financial expenditure models and your desired maintenance strategies.

  • Makes upgrades to the latest technology easier.

  • Improves quality, safety and impact on environment.

  • Optimizes maintenance costs.

  • Improves machine health asset uptime.

  • Is backed by domain experts from design, installation to ongoing system operations.

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Measuring Machine Health Through Integrated Technology Applications

Predictive maintenance is focused on predicting tomorrow’s condition based on today’s data to avoid unplanned maintenance and reduce overall maintenance costs. The focus is on measuring asset health through integrated technology applications for the early detection of component failures.

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Improve Your Asset Maintenance Strategy

At its core, prescriptive maintenance is solving problems before they occur. By continuing to improve your asset maintenance strategy using predictive analytics, manufacturing can expect to increase output while decreasing risks by optimizing key disciplines such as planning and scheduling.

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

At the epicenter of this transformation is Maintenance 4.0, a method of preventing asset failure by analyzing production and maintenance data to identify patterns and predict issues before they happen.

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Source. Recruit. Retain.

I-care provides you access to the best maintenance and reliability talent in the world

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Uplift Your Team with the Right Training

Sharing knowledge and expertise is a key value of I-care. We offer a wide range of certified training curriculum that is oriented to industrial applications for reliability professionals and experts in predictive maintenance in all types of industrial environments.

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Why Us

Why Choose Us

Modern industrial production environments require healthy assets to maintain a competitive advantage. As a global leader in predictive and prescriptive maintenance, I-care is establishing new standards for maintenance across asset-intensive industries.

  • 750+

    Global Employees

  • 67B

    Monitored Replacement Asset Value (RAV)

  • 300,000+

    Machines Monitored Every Day

  • 25-35%

    Typical Reduction in Maintenance Costs

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