I-care Group signs contract with Hydro Extrusion North America to implement asset health monitoring technology

I-care Group signs contract with Hydro Extrusion North America to implement asset health monitoring technology
Author: I-care Group
Date Posted: 07.20.22
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I-care Group signs contract with Hydro Extrusion North America to implement asset health monitoring technology.

July 20th, 2022 – I-care Group, the global leader in machine health, signs a new contract with Hydro Extrusion North America, part of Norsk Hydro, a global leader in aluminum and energy solutions. I-care will implement its predictive and prescriptive maintenance products and solutions across eighteen of Hydro’s aluminum sites in North America. 

I-care monitors the industrial equipment of thousands of customers, 24/7 and in all major industry sectors, with a total value of over 67 billion euros. In addition to the metals sector, the company also serves the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy, and material industries.

As the global demand for aluminum products increases, the reliability and performance of Hydro’s critical assets is a central focus in meeting customer and shareholder expectations. The company is firmly committed to continuous improvement across its operations and has selected I-care to assist in accelerating and expanding its asset condition management practices through new technology.

With the help of I-care’s Industry 4.0 solutions, Hydro will gain additional data-driven insights that will help improve operational performance, including the reduction of unplanned machine downtime, increased labor productivity, improved safety and improved operating efficiency.

David Lukasak, Director of Reliability at Hydro Extrusion North America: “We are excited to be partnering with I-care to drive improvements in our asset performance. This technology represents another step forward in our journey of continuous improvement and industry leadership.”  

Ben Detober, CEO of I-care Americas: “We are excited to support Hydro through our predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions. I-care will help Hydro make better-informed decisions on their assets to lower carbon emissions and boost sustainable aluminum production and reduce their industrial risks in general, whether financial, quality, safety or environmental.”

About Hydro

Hydro is a global aluminum and energy company with production, sales, and trading activities throughout the value chain. In North America, Hydro is a supplier of aluminum extrusions and billet with over 6,000 employees at 27 manufacturing sites in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  

About I-care

I-care Group is a global leader in machine health. Their AI and data-driven solutions predict industrial failures months or even years before they occur. Thanks to I-care, machines around the world are safer, more productive, and more sustainable. Founded in 2004 in Mons, Belgium, the company employs close to 700 people and has offices in 12 countries (Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and Americas) with customers in more than 55 countries. I-care won the EY Company of the Year award in Belgium in 2020.

Press contacts

Hydro: +1 (503) 312-8758, peter.hedman@hydro.com  

I-care Group: Jochem Binst, +32 471 20 26 79, jb@gosselindewalque.com   

I-care Group Americas: Jason Langhorne, 1.281.415.8450, jason.langhorne@icareweb.com 

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