Reliability Engineering-Staff Augmentation


Reliability Engineering-Staff Augmentation

Seeking or maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment will continue to be a driving force for modern industrial organizations. We support our clients with turnkey asset life cycle management and process optimization support to help increase revenue, manage compliance, and optimize costs.

  • Quickly deploy seasoned maintenance and reliability professionals to support short and long term projects
  • Support a defined client project with specific and dedicated reliability engineering skillsets
  • Provide Subject Matter Experts in asset life cycle management, maintenance planning & scheduling, reliability engineering, and MRO management



Plant 2
Criticality Analysis Example

Best Maintenance Defined

Defining the best asset maintenance strategy is a data-oriented effort to ensure the availability of the equipment, at the best price while respecting the constraints of quality, safety, and the environment. This approach focuses on doing the correct maintenance tasks.

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Decision Process

 Efficient Maintenance

Successful organizations have demonstrated the ability to implement maintenance activities in the most efficient way to guarantee the availability of equipment, at the lowest cost and in compliance with quality, safety, and environmental constraints. This approach focuses on doing the maintenance tasks correctly through optimized machine maintenance processes and effective maintenance data management.

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Plan Do Check Act

Continuous Improvement

No matter your level of maturity, the continuous improvement mindset should always be deployed or enhanced to focus on the activities that generate the most value while removing as much waste as possible. Some typical challenges include:

  • You already have reviewed your equipment maintenance plan but there are still failures or productivity losses

  • You have implemented a work execution management process, but you still see wrench time optimization opportunities

  • Your maintenance team is changing (promotions, additions), and you feel the need to increase or maintain the competencies of key roles

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Value-Driven Outcomes

Our proven reliability engineering-staff augmentation solutions provide clients with short and long-term project support to get the work done right and done efficiently.

Key objectives:

  • Availability

  • Reliability

  • Efficient Assets

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Key objectives:

  • Expense Reduction

  • Capital Avoidance

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Key objectives:

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Quality

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