I-care’s Predictive Maintenance Revolution:Expanding Horizons

I-care’s Predictive Maintenance Revolution:Expanding Horizons

As a leading expert in predictive maintenance solutions, we are delighted to share exciting news about our ongoing expansion. With a remarkable growth of 35% over the years, it is only natural that we embark on a geographical expansion to tap into new markets. In 2023, we set our sights on international markets, taking the first strides towards expansion by recruiting two highly skilled Business Developers for Austria and Sweden. The move has proven successful, paving the way for further expansion into multiple countries in the months to come. Our vision is to provide comprehensive predictive maintenance services to industries worldwide, ensuring that we cater to the ever-increasing demand for our solutions.

Driving Global Expansion

At I-care, our expansion efforts are well underway, and we have already established our presence in Austria, Sweden, Singapore and in the offshore market thanks to new Business developers. These strategic locations allow us to better serve the European market while focusing on key industries in these regions. However, our ambitions do not end here. In the coming months, we will soon be recruiting Business Developers for the following locations:Boston, Japan, Munchen, Ireland, South-Korea, Spain, Italy, Turkey. This strategic geographical expansion will ensure that I-care’s predictive maintenance services reach diverse industries across the globe.

The Surging Demand for Predictive Maintenance

The demand for predictive maintenance is witnessing an unprecedented surge, driven by its proven ability to optimize operations, increase equipment reliability, and reduce downtime. As a pioneer in the field, I-care has consistently delivered cutting-edge predictive maintenance solutions, empowering industries to make data-driven decisions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Our comprehensive range of services covers a diverse spectrum of industries, making it a logical choice for us to expand geographically to cater to previously untapped markets.

Empowering Business Developers

To facilitate our international expansion and ensure the satisfaction of the new markets, I-care is actively seeking talented Business Developers. These professionals will play a pivotal role in understanding the unique needs of each market and tailoring our predictive maintenance solutions accordingly. If you are driven by the prospect of opening new avenues for predictive maintenance, we encourage you to explore our current job vacancies and be a part of this transformative journey.


As I-care marches towards an exciting phase of geographical expansion, we remain committed to revolutionizing the world of predictive maintenance. Our continued growth is a testament to the trust and confidence our clients place in our expertise. With new Business developers already established in Austria and Norway, and several more on the horizon, we are determined to make predictive maintenance accessible to all industries across the globe.

In the pursuit of this vision, we invite ambitious Business Developers to join our ranks and be part of this remarkable journey. Together, we shall forge new partnerships, empower industries, and make predictive maintenance accessible for every industry around the world.

Stay tuned for updates on our expansion, and remember to seize the opportunity to be a part of the I-care dream team.

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