Wi-care™ 130 G23 breakthrough wireless vibration IIoT device

A New Era  for Wi-care


For over 20 years, leading industrial organizations have trusted our predictive maintenance technologies, methods and domain expertise to help make better machine health decisions for improved asset management performance. With our Wi-care™ as a Service (WaaS) solution, our clients will reduce risks for safer, more productive and more sustainable operations.

The well established Wi-care™ wireless monitor for vibration, impacting and temperature has a new face. Optimized performant IIoT monitoring capabilities for rotating equipment in a sleek, round design. Our Wi-care™ sensors are a proven wireless solution that enables mass-scale automated monitoring of your assets.

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Wi-care™ 130 G23 breakthrough wireless vibration IIoT device

Our new sensor measures triaxial vibration, temperature, ultrasonic impacting and lubrication effectiveness to identify developing machine defects earlier and better than existing technologies.

  • Widest frequency range.

  • Fastest sampling rate.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Cloud dashboard.

  • Backed by unparalleled on-site/remote services.


Technical Attributes

  • Early defect detection

  • Full industry 4.0 Implementation

  • 100% Wireless

  • IIOT tool for vibration and temperature monitoring

  • ATEX certified

  • Robust industrial design

  • Supported by the cloud-based I-SEE™ platform

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