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Introducing the

Wi-care™ PURE

I-care’s latest innovation is a next-generation wireless data collection system designed to efficiently monitor the health of your critical assets.

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What Is It

The Wi-care PURE (Portable Unit for Route and Expertise) is an advanced data collector designed and developed to help close the gap in using a portable device that could share the same database as all of our online tools for use for both beginners and expert users.

As a key 4.0 technology, the Wi-care PURE supports the digitalization of the maintenance industry as it removes the barrier for those assets that are too complex to monitor online.

With the Wi-care PURE system, the wireless sensor technology and portability allow the user to monitor significantly more assets in a day versus monitoring only one machine over several days.

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Why It Matters

When data acquisition requires route-based oversight to ensure your critical equipment gets the on-demand attention it requires, the PURE data collector is a perfect solution.

  • Easy and intuitive, for beginners and experts

  • All types of machines, one cloud platform

  • Works with all existing I-care product lines

  • Created by maintenance experts for all types of industries

  • I-care experts available to assist the user

  • Cost-effective (for all types of budgets)

  • Safety focused. No cabling to asset

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Key Benefits:

  • Quality Vibration Measurements–velocity and acceleration

  • I-DNA Measurements for bearing and gear defects

  • Triax measurements

  • Control multiple sensors with a single push of a button

  • Robust industrial design

  • Supported by the cloud-based I-see™ platform

  • Common database/tools for portable and wireless monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the Wi-care PURE Portable Data Collection System

  1. Special Wi-care sensors

  2. A specially configured commercial off-the-shelf tablet

  3. I-care’s tablet application

  4. I-see cloud-based software platform

Yes. The sensor for the Wi-care PURE is very similar to the original Wi-care sensor. It provides the same level of quality data. 

The sensor uses a built-in Wi-Fi radio.

The battery is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. There is a magnetic connection on the side of the sensor where it can be charged. 

Currently, only a Triax sensor (Model 131) is available

Since it’s intended for portable data acquisition, the sensor would normally be mounted with a magnet. 

Yes. During configuration, the measurement points are placed on a picture of the machine. The end-user views the machine image on the tablet places the sensor at the measurement location and starts the measurement.

Yes. It can be used with up to 4 Triax sensors. When multiple sensors are being used, the sensors and locations are color-coded to prevent confusion.

Yes. If you place 4 Triax sensors on a machine train, and you have properly configured the database, then you can collect data for an entire motor-pump pair with a single button push. In that case, the Wi-care PURE system would collect 32 different readings as listed below:

    1. 12 velocity readings

    2. 12 acceleration readings

    3. 4 I-DNA500 readings

    4. 4 I-DNA12 readings

The Wi-care PURE system can collect vibration overall values – with trends, frequency bands, spectra, waveforms as well as I-DNA waveforms.


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