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Introducing the

Wi-care™ PURE

I-care’s latest innovation is a next-generation wireless data collection system designed to efficiently monitor the health of your critical assets.

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What Is It

The Wi-care PURE (Portable Unit for Route and Expertise) is an advanced data collector designed and developed to help close the gap in using a portable device that could share the same database as all of our online tools for use for both beginners and expert users.

As a key 4.0 technology, the Wi-care PURE supports the digitalization of the maintenance industry as it removes the barrier for those assets that are too complex to monitor online.

With the Wi-care PURE system, the wireless sensor technology and portability allow the user to monitor significantly more assets in a day versus monitoring only one machine over several days.

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Why It Matters

When data acquisition requires route-based oversight to ensure your critical equipment gets the on-demand attention it requires, the PURE data collector is a perfect solution.

  • Easy and intuitive, for beginners and experts

  • All types of machines, one cloud platform

  • Works with all existing I-care product lines

  • Created by maintenance experts for all types of industries

  • I-care experts available to assist the user

  • Cost-effective (for all types of budgets)

  • Safety focused. No cabling to asset

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Key Benefits:

  • Quality Vibration Measurements–velocity and acceleration

  • I-DNA Measurements for bearing and gear defects

  • Triax measurements

  • Control multiple sensors with a single push of a button

  • Robust industrial design

  • Supported by the cloud-based I-see™ platform

  • Common database/tools for portable and wireless monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the Wi-care PURE Portable Data Collection System

  1. Special Wi-care sensors

  2. A specially configured commercial off-the-shelf tablet

  3. I-care’s tablet application

  4. I-see cloud-based software platform

Yes. The sensor for the Wi-care PURE is very similar to the original Wi-care sensor. It provides the same level of quality data. 

We use wireless technology that works similarly to Wifi. However, this technology does not interfere with the Wifi of laptops, mobile phones, or other standard interfaces; it is entirely independent of any local infrastructure.

The battery is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. There is a magnetic connection on the side of the sensor where it can be charged. 

Currently, only a Triax sensor (Model 131) is available

Since it’s intended for portable data acquisition, the sensor would normally be mounted with a magnet. 

Yes. During configuration, the measurement points are placed on a picture of the machine. The end-user views the machine image on the tablet places the sensor at the measurement location and starts the measurement.

Yes. It can be used with up to 4 Triax sensors. When multiple sensors are being used, the sensors and locations are color-coded to prevent confusion.

Yes. If you place 4 Triax sensors on a machine train, and you have properly configured the database, then you can collect data for an entire motor-pump pair with a single button push. In that case, the Wi-care PURE system would collect 32 different readings as listed below:

    1. 12 velocity readings

    2. 12 acceleration readings

    3. 4 I-DNA500 readings

    4. 4 I-DNA12 readings

The Wi-care PURE system can collect vibration overall values – with trends, frequency bands, spectra, waveforms as well as I-DNA waveforms.


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