Introducing Wi-care as a Service

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Ensure Machine Health with  Wi-care as a Service (WaaS)

Backed by powerful and accessible hardware and software technology, we deliver deep analytics and insights to make better asset management decisions to:

  • Eliminate unplanned machine downtime

  • Determine when any particular asset needs maintenance

  • Carry out the right maintenance actions at the right time

Wi-care as as Service Hardware and Analytics Platform

What is it

Wi-care as a Service (WaaS) is a hardware-enabled, software as a service predictive maintenance delivery model that allows customers to implement our mounted wireless monitoring solutions in conjunction with traditional route-based PdM. It is an all-inclusive cost per machine solution that includes:

  • Hardware: Network and Sensors (based on your strategy)
  • Installation: Supported by your professionals or full install by an I-care expert
  • Analysis: Monthly or Bi-Monthly
  • Alarm Management: Based on your strategy or criticality
  • Reporting: Cloud-based integrated reporting
  • Support: Optional Expert Kits for monitoring troubled assets
  • Warranty: Full product warranty for the period of contract length
Wireless Vibration Solutions
I-see Analytics Software Platform

Why Consider WaaS

Predictive Maintenance programs vary in size and maturity levels. Organizations that have successfully made the digital transformation have adopted the right-fit technology applications to their desired maintenance strategies. WaaS is the perfect fit when:

  • Your organization is looking to accelerate or scale its maintenance 4.0 transition by implementing partial or full wireless monitoring solutions for its asset base.
  • Your organization requires flexible investment options to leverage wireless IoT technology as part of its predictive maintenance strategy.
  • Your organization wants to improve its analytical capabilities and receive process optimization recommendations to ensure desired performance outcomes are met.
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Wireless Vibration Monitoring

How We Do  It

Our 4.0 implementation teams work with the client to ensure a smooth wireless monitoring transition.

  • Data acquisition (onsite installation of the hardware)
  • Data configuration
  • System commissioning for the hardware
  • Periodic health check of the system
  • Predictive analytics (baseline and monthly analysis, continuous improvement)
  • Alarm management and call to action recommendations
  • Program oversight (standard dashboard setup, project management, follow up meetings)
  • Process optimization recommendations
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WaaS Benefits:

The WaaS delivery model provides numerous benefits including:

  • Improved machine health, asset uptime
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Improved quality and safety
  • Reduced downtime
  • Managing impact on environment
  • No equipment to own and easier upgrades to the latest technology
  • Match your desired maintenance strategies with the right technology (sensors) and financial expenditure models
  • Backed by domain experts from design, installation to ongoing system operations

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