Predictive maintenance is focused on predicting tomorrow’s condition based on today’s data in order to avoid unplanned maintenance and reduce overall maintenance costs.

At its core, it measures asset health through integrated technology applications for the early detection of component failures.

Reliability Engineering

Improve your asset maintenance strategy using best-in-class methods, processes, and technical applications.

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Pure 9

Accelerating digital transformation across your facility to improve asset uptime, bolster safety and increase customer satisfaction at the lowest possible costs.



Providing talent augmentation for your short and long term maintenance and reliability engineering projects.

Need help sourcing and retaining your human capital? Our team of talent specialists can quickly provide strong candidates to fill your skills gaps.


I-care and Technical Associates

Uplift your teams’ skills. We offer a wide range of certified training curriculum that is oriented to industrial applications for reliability professionals and experts in predictive maintenance in all types of industrial environments.

Our company

At I-care, our proven predictive maintenance technologies, services, and diverse asset management solutions ensure industrial machines around the world are more productive, safer, and environmentally friendly.

We service thousands of customers in all major industry sectors including Chemicals, Food, Energy, Materials, Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical

I-care careers

We are engineers, data scientists, and business leaders driven to improve our client’s asset management performance. Come join us.


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How to Hire, Train and Retain Talent

How to Hire, Train and Retain Talent
Author: Pieter Van Camp, CCO, I-care Group
Date Posted: 09.09.22
Talent acquisition
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