Reliability Centered Lubrication


Reliability Centered Lubrication

Optimize asset performance with lubrication program design, implementation, and standardization.

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Lubrication Excellence

What Is It

Many asset management leaders recognize that precision lubrication is an important part of a reliability-driven maintenance program but often struggle with how and where to start implementing changes. Reliability Centered Lubrication (RCL) is an approach to lubrication that is focused on designing a program for lubrication and oil analysis taking into account operational conditions, best practices, and modifications required for both machine and facility.

RCL is delivered across a six-phase approach designed to help companies develop and deploy an executable plan to help them reach the next level. In conjunction with an array of products, this approach helps customers effectively advance their lubrication program to levels of leading practice.

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Lubricated bearings

Why It Matters

Poor lubrication and external contamination have been identified as one of the primary causes of equipment failure. This is often related to poor lubrication practices that have been handed down from the various lube techs over the history of a facility’s existence. These poor practices are in place due to not only a lack of training but also the absence of any rationalized program designed in accordance with best practices.

According to a study by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers:

  • 82% of all mechanical wear is caused by lubricant contamination 

  • 40% of bearing failures appear before end-of-life due to bad lubrication

  • 75% of reduction in bearing life with only 1,000ppm of water in oil 

Are your lubrication practices optimized to deliver better machine health?

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How  We Can Help

Organizations looking for high-quality Reliability Centered Lubrication programs turn to I-lube, a comprehensive service offering that includes:

  • Lubrication Program Gap & Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Lubrication Program Design and Implementation (visual inspections, oil analysis, lubricant supply management, storage management,  training)

  • Standardize and Sustain program success through data management and KPI tracking

With established standards and procedures in place, our RCL approach is the best choice for plant lubrication and oil analysis.

Lubrication Solutions


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Key Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of lubrication related failures

  • Minimize safety and environmental risks

  • Improved productivity 

  • Decrease in lubricant consumption (costs)

  • Extend the lifetime of machinery 

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