Wi-care Series


Introducing the    Wi-care™ 100 and 200 series


The Wi-care 100 and 200 series are high performance wireless vibration and continuous monitoring systems. When combined with I-see™, the cloud-based analytical platform, it makes a complete Maintenance 4.0 solution.

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Wireless Vibration Sensors
Wi-care 100 vibration, temperature, speed sensors

Wi-care™ 100

  • Allows automated tracking of critical equipment, from 15-minute to once-a-week intervals, collecting reliable vibration data, with a sampling of up to 16,000 lines of resolution.

  • The 100 series sensors can be deployed and configured in less than an hour, permanently on specified equipment, or used for spot checks in a safer manner during programmed inspection routines.

  • Provides extended broadcast and automatic network capabilities to guarantee data transmission reliability and sustainability to maximize your asset up-time.

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continuous vibration and temperature monitoring system

Wi-care™ 200

The Wi-care 200 series Smart Machinery System is a continuous monitoring system composed of Wi-care 240 modules and is completely flexible in its configuration.

Signals will be sent directly from the Wi-care 240 module to the I-see platform via cellular communications.

  • Multi-purpose

  • Multi-technology

  • 4 Dynamic channels

  • Smart data capture

  • Variable speed

Besides vibration and temperature sensors, you can also decide to connect other types of sensors to the Wi-care 240 module, such as ultrasound or oil sensors, making the Wi-care 200 series a complete machine monitoring system.

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Predictive Database

Deep Domain Knowledge

We bring a predictive database representing millions of assets that spans over 30 years. We have you covered.

  • +4.3M

    Monitored Assets

  • +21.6M

    Monitored Bearings

  • +121M

    Acquired Waveforms


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