Microlab 40

Microlab 40

The MicroLab combines automation and artificial intelligence in a simplified oil analysis tool. The user inputs sample information on the touchscreen and the automated fluidics system moves the sample through the analysis and self-cleaning processes. The embedded expert system then provides a complete data analysis with diagnostics and recommendations.

Spectro Scientific Oil Analysis


Provides automated comprehensive diagnostic analysis of engine, generator, gear box, hydraulics, power steering, and transmission fluids. Recommended if particle count is needed for hydraulics.


The MicroLab is used in virtually every industry that operates equipment powered by engines including:

  • Automotive
  • Trucking
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Government (Military, Municipal)


The MicroLab Infrared Spectrometer measures six key parameters which indicate potential oil degradation and contamination.
Oil degradation: oxidation, nitration, total base number
Oil contamination: soot, water, glycol

The MicroLab Dual Temperature Viscometer (DTV) provides kinematic viscosity analysis which can help identify potential oil degradation or contamination.
Kinematic viscosity at 40C and 100C
Viscosity Index (VI)

Elemental Analysis

The MicroLab Optical Emission Spectrometer quantifies wear metals cause from mechanical components, as well as other elements from oil additives or sources of contamination. MicroLab 40 analyzes 20 elements including wear, contamination and additives. MicroLab 30 analyzes 10 elements (wear and contamination) and is upgradable to include all 20 elements.