Arabian Mining company trusts in I-care’s solution for Maintenance 4.0

Arabian Mining company trusts in I-care’s solution for Maintenance 4.0

A Saudi Arabian mining industry producing phosphate confirms its trust in I-care’s remote condition monitoring solution by placing its first order of Wi-care true wireless sensors.

News 15 July 2019

First step in Saudi Arabia, second step in phosphate Mining industry

A mining industry producing phosphate and based in Saoudi Arabia called for I-care services in order to monitor its machines and manage its plant with more efficiency. This Wi-care order constitutes the first step of I-care in Saudi Arabia, but confirms its expertise in Mining process remote monitoring ! Indeed, more than 400 Wi-care sensors are already in operation in a major phosphate producer in Morocco.

Wi-care local partner as a main actor of the collaboration

This new Wi-care success was made possible thanks to Tanajib, our local Wi-care partner based in Saudi Arabia, that helps Arabian industries to find the best maintenance solution for their plant. 

A 100% Wi-care Family order

The Arabian customer choose to work with the best Maintenance 4.0 solution, opting for Wi-care 100 series devices, true wireless and Atex certified vibration and temperature sensors.  The mining company ordered not less than fifty Wi-care 110, ten Wi-care 930 (range extenders) and a Wi-care 920 (gateway). This first order will allow the customer to start its maintenance 4.0 program by monitoring its critical assets remotely 24/7, avoiding unplanned production shutdowns.

A 4.0 global solution

In addition of its Wi-care order, the customer choose to get a 10 years license of our web-based data treatment and analytical software I-see.

With this material in its hands, no doubt that the customer will have a close and accurate look of its production equipment !

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