AHU-care installation in a pharmaceutical hard-access environment

AHU-care installation in a pharmaceutical hard-access environment

I-care engineers proceeded to a critical installation in a pharmaceutical plant. AHU-care device from I-care allowed the customer to monitor his device remotely and continuously.

News Condition Monitoring 11 January 2019

I-care intervention on hard access area

I-care was already dealing with this customer, providing him a vibration analysis of his park machine. But the customer was facing another major problem: He wasn’t able to measure continuously his device because of the inaccessibility of the environment. The area had to stay the most sterile possible. Wi-care was the solution, offering the customer a continuous remote monitoring.

A custom-made solution for the customer

As I-care can adjust easily to every situation, we proposed a customized solution especially for the needs of the customer, providing him a more resistant casing and a tailor-made system solution. This operation proves once again that I-care offers the best service to its customer, whatever the need is.

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