First phase of an « I-design » project completed at one of the main I-care™ European customer.

First phase of an « I-design » project completed at one of the main I-care™ European customer.

A few weeks ago, 8 I-care™ reliability engineers started an I-design project at one of their main customer. The customer’ s objective is to relaunch a production unit, shut downed for almost two years. The restart is planned for early part of 2019.

News Reliability Solutions 19 October 2018

I-design : the first step of a global solution approach offered by I-care™

I-design is part of a global process offered by I-care™ to its customers in order to support them in the complete life cycle management of their production equipment.
This step, starting point of the implementation of an effective maintenance and lubrication plan, is crucial for the customer to get maximal productivity and profitability of its production plant.

I-design implementation and objectives

Our aim for this project is the update of the maintenance plans in order to be compliant with the customer’s requests. This job, carried out by 8 of our reliability engineers, will last several months and will consist in a series of successive operating phases of which the first has just successfully been completed.

  • Phase 1 : Walktrough (ground survey)

Our engineers just finished the equipment ground survey in order to establish the customer’s tools catalog and their technical characteristics but also looking at their state in a maintenance point of view. This catalog is fundamental because it lists the equipment in a complete and accurate way. It also includes essential information such as the system description, the hierarchical structure, the components configuration, the components attributes, etc.

  • Phase 2 : Hierarchy building (creation of a functional structure)

Having a clear and accurate functional structure is not always an easy thing to do. Most of the structures are often complicated and counter intuitive due to several improvements or updates of the production installations. As part of this project, on the basis of the ground survey, our engineers will proceed with the P&ID correction, they will gather the entire data in an integration folder and will clear the customer’s GMAO tree structure.

  • Phase 3 : Criticality Analysis

This phase consists on establishing a rank of the equipment on the basis of different operational aspects, such as environmental or financial ones. For this reason, our engineers use a specific tool in order to establish the equipment ranking, from the most critical to the one that is least influencing the process during a failure. The criticality analysis allows to define a maintenance strategy according to the equipment scores.

  • Phase 4 : EMP (equipment maintenance plan)

On the basis of the criticality analysis, our engineers will establish for the customer a maintenance and lubrication plan of the equipment according to their criticality. This plan will include the study of failure modes, the writing of the maintenance check-list, the BOM of the spare parts and the encoding in the customer’s GMAO. It will complete the I-design project and will allow the customer to start his implementation.  

I-implement : the logical continuation of I-design

At the end of this mission, the customer will have all the necessary tools and informations to start the maintenance plan previously defined.  If he wants to,  I-care™ will be here to assist him in the implementation and guarantee an optimal success rate.

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