I-care is officially member of the Shift

I-care is officially member of the Shift

A big step for I-care, which is increasingly integrating the notion of sustainability into various projects for and with its employees and customers!

News 24 June 2021

We are very proud to announce you that I-care is officially member of the Belgian Consolidated Network in terms of sustainable development : The Shift.

The Shift is a serious and professional network of +500 big corporate companies that are interested in contributing to a better world.

Together with our members and partner organisations, we aim to develop innovative solutions to the biggest challenges faced by our planet, people and future prosperity. Our guiding principles are the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to facilitate the implementation of the SDGs, we want to ensure for our members a smooth interaction between the international and local sustainability agenda as the Global Compact Network Belgium (GCNB).


The Shift acts as a change facilitor with one key target : experience sharing to help companies make the transition to sustainability.

Workshops, training and common projects are 3 practical ways to reach the target.




Marco Sperti, our Sustainability Officer, share with you this vision:

"Sustainability is not only a Responsibility but a Journey to change! With The Shift we strongly believe we will succeed in making this transition. At I-care, we want to contribute to a better world!"

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The Shift supports the BCorp movement and is a sponsor for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. And these goals are ours too.


Together we will go further!