I-care Reliability Days 2018 Edition

I-care Reliability Days 2018 Edition

I-care registered more than 150 participations to its annual reliability days! A great occasion to present to our customers the I-care offering and to know them better! Customers from the main industrial sectors companies answered the call!

News Condition Monitoring 24 October 2018

Thanks to its exponential growth, the 2018 Reliability Days took place in 4 different locations in order to be as close as possible of the customers!  

I-care Reliability Days

During 4 days, I-care organized 4 great meetings in several of its headquarters, including two simultaneous events in Mons and Leuven!

The day was structured with presentations of the different I-care services and other suppliers.

The Reliability Days will give the customers the concrete tools allowing them to optimize their maintenance plan with an innovative approach of maintenance, which is the lead subject executed through I-care associates.

Wi-care and I-see in the spotlight

The two main I-care innovations Wi-care and I-see were featured as a central element in a presentation leaded by our Product Manager, Pierre Colon : Maintenance 4.0, where he presented the guide of Maintenance 4.0 including a brief feature of Wi-care and I-see.

During the day, the participants had also the opportunity to meet our several suppliers like Flir, Emerson or SDT.

Predictive Maintenance and Reliability services

In the afternoon, Olivier Dengis presented a Predictive Maintenance Case study, with a slow rotation roller bearings and slide bearings in a gearbox.

The Reliability service has been brought to the fore with a case study introduced by Quentin Ostyn, an I-care Reliability Engineer.  He talked about the lubrication plan and how to optimize the lubrication schedules thanks to ultrasound.

The Reliability Days viewed by the customers...

"The subjects were diversified, short and interesting, the attendance of people of different sectors was a good thing for the networking, I-care colleagues are nicer than ever, we get an overview on the I-care company evolution, that escalated very quickly."- Sebastien Remacle from ENGIE

"A very interesting day, I came with a precise subject on my mind : Maintenance 4.0, I got answers to my questions that deserves to be developed." - Customer from Food Industry

"Clearly interesting, discovering of the newest technologies, consolidate the image of I-care company, impressed by the development of the company and its products. On a festive point of view, the day is not over yet!" - Customer from Wind Industry