I-care Talent: a win-win situation for M&R professionals and their clients

I-care Talent: a win-win situation for M&R professionals and their clients

When trying to complete all of the work they have scheduled, many companies experience a shortage of highly qualified personnel. In essence, the solution is not just a matter of filling vacancies – there are challenges in other areas as well.

News Talent 21 January 2021

Organisations often don’t have the resources to attract the right people, nor do many have the reputation or appeal of a big-name company. Still, many small and medium-sized companies offer good jobs, but they just can’t seem to generate interest on the job market. Everyone wants to work for the Googles and Apples of this world, but who’s going to work for the metal company around the corner? The job of the latter might actually be much more interesting.

Suppose such a company does find someone. For example, a maintenance engineer who has been hired to write a plan to take the maintenance of its assets to a higher level. Even then, in practice someone with such a strategic role often ends up carrying out operational tasks – for example, because machines are breaking down. As an employee, you naturally try to help your employer where possible, but you also want to do the job you were hired for, and preferably also have some growth opportunities. The ambitions of many Maintenance & Reliability (M&R) professionals are frustrated. As a result, their employers often lose them a lot faster than these companies can afford.

I-care Group has been focused on maturing asset management since 2004, offering best practices for organisations around the world. From this starting point, we now use our experience to help M&R managers attract, develop, and retain talent. At the same time, we ensure that the right people do the right work. We attract the right people, we know how to train them, and we apply this expertise to our customers. We can also train and give career support to talented professionals who are already employed by a client.

The objective of I-care Talent really means a win-win situation for everyone. We ensure that a combination of employees with different competences and levels of experience are optimally employed to complete projects for our clients. The advantage is that senior people perform tasks at their level and are constantly challenged, while junior employees receive on-the-job coaching from them. This is good for both professionals, as well as for the client’s cost management. After all, our strategy prevents a senior employee from constantly having to focus on junior tasks.

As I-care, we can rely on a pool of M&R professionals from across Western Europe and the United States. Our Talent proposition ensures that companies with industrial assets will find the people with the right experience, skills, and competences, enabling them to move forward with their M&R challenges. At the same time, we certify these people and enable them to advance in their careers. In short, we offer a solution that benefits everyone!

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Bjorn Jacobs, Talent Director
I-care Talent