The Wi-care™ sensors are now certified Class1 Zone0

The Wi-care™ sensors are now certified Class1 Zone0

I-care Reliability Group is proud to announce that its range of wireless sensors is now certified Class1 Zone0 and can be sold to US & Canadian market, including to hazardous atmosphere industries.

News Industry 4.0 13 October 2018

Approved for hazardous locations

Hazardous locations are areas where flammable liquids, gases or vapors or combustible dusts exist in sufficient quantities to produce an explosion or fire. In hazardous locations, specially designed equipment and special installation techniques must be used to protect against the explosive and flammable potential of these substances. Our range of Wi-care™ sensors are now approved to operate in hazardous locations for almost all countries in the world.


A new certification to complete the 5 already granted.

The Wi-care™ range of wireless sensors already got certifications for the European Union (ATEX & CE), International regulations (IECEx) and Korean market (KCs). This certification Class1 Zone0 is a next step in the market development for I-care™ and its Maintenance 4.0 solution delivered by Wi-care™ and I-see™.


Changing the way the world performs maintenance

Already present in the USA for few years and delivering services to global customers, I-care Reliability Inc is now ready to answer the needs of every North-American industry willing to go further in the Maintenance 4.0 with a proven solution developed and supported by PdM experts.