Wi-care opens up in Chile

Wi-care opens up in Chile

I-care partner, Nicolaïdes, presented a Wi-care keynote in front of 100 people from the Pulp and Paper industry during a technical seminar in Chile.

News 31 October 2018

I-care partner presented a Wi-care Keynote in Chile

The last 11 th October, engineers from Nicolaïdes, the Chilean partner of I-care, presented a keynote about the Wi-care innovation and its success stories in a technical seminar of Pulp and Paper industry at Conception in Chile.

Wi-care Triax sensors in the spotlight

During this technical seminar, the Chilean partners of I-care showcased several success stories of Wi-care in the paper industry, as part of a main innovation in the maintenance 4.0.

More than 100 people from the Pulp & Paper industry and Forest sector attended the keynote. During the presentation, Nicolas Perez, our Chilean partner, showed the joint work in the development of Triax sensors for CMPC, an industry specialized in pulp and

After this successful keynote, the Chilean team received some very positive feedbacks about the development of Wi-care range in Chile.