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Thermography Level I (ISO 18436-7) Certification

Predictive Maintenance
Thermography Level I (ISO 18436-7) Certification This course is recommended for Maintenance Technicians and Specialists.

This Level I certification course is offered in conjunction with the ITC (Infrared Training Center) and covers the application of thermography as a predictive maintenance technique. This course focuses on the application of these techniques for new infrared camera users. A certification examination is provided on the morning of the fifth day of training.

Predictive Maintenance Belgium - Antwerpen From 23 to 27 September 2019 Dutch 2100 €


  • Introduction to thermographic imaging and measurement systems
  • Accurate temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera, taking into account distance, emissivity, and reflectance
  • Interpreting thermographic images
  • Professional drafting of reports using the latest software programs
  • Avoid wrong interpretations (reflections, hot spots, indirect results, etc.)
  • Intensive hands-on training modules to make the most of the thermographic cameras


4 days, with examination provided on the morning of day 5


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