Application track: Data-driven maintenance

Reliability Solutions
Application track: Data-driven maintenance Maintenance managers and engineers, reliability engineers, production managers, process engineers, IT and infrastructure managers, anyone involved in operation and maintenance of assets, or responsible for environment, safety and/or quality.

The industry constantly strives for the highest possible availability of its installations (assets). One of the ways it tries to achieve this is by not having breakdowns between two consecutive planned preventive tasks. Maintenance 4.0 - which is very popular these days - takes on its full meaning here. However, it is a comprehensive concept with concepts ranging from identifying needs, connecting measurement systems, all the way to using artificial intelligence (AI). During this three-day training, we will go through all these concepts in a logical order and with constant attention to their applicability. After this training, you will have all the keys in hand to make your 4.0 maintenance programme a success.

Reliability Solutions Netherlands From 18 to 21 May 2021 Dutch On demand


What you learn

A multi-faceted 7-step approach that helps you to successfully execute a 4.0 project using intelligent data management, with a focus on visualisation and making the right decision.

I-care Maintenance 4.0 Roadmap

  • Converting fault mode detection into the right sensor and measurement system
  • Integrating maintenance and process parameters
  • The importance of connected data sources
  • How to collect and import data from a central location
  • Combining a business vision with data science aspects
  • The importance of project selection
  • The contribution of new methods based on artificial intelligence in maintenance



Day 1

  • Assess
    • Evaluating the "4.0 Readiness" of the organisation and its IT & OT systems
    • Illustration of an AI based assessment tool
    • Recognizing potential use cases
  • Identify
    • Identifying necessary data sources, using DOFA
    • Identifying a suitable business case by means of AI supported data analyses
  • Generate
    • Generate and collect data through proper data engineering
    • Overview of online Condition Based Monitoring sensors
  • Collect
    • Collect the different data sources within the OT hierarchy (ISA-95)
    • The importance of centralising the various data sources
    • The importance of the right data architecture will be demonstrated on the basis of an actual case study

Day 2

  • Analyze
    • Selection of the right algorithms (e.g. regression, classification, clustering, ...)
    • Explanation of the most important algorithms in a maintenance context
    • Using an actual case, the importance of AI for early detection of machine malfunctions is demonstrated

Day 3

  • Analyze (continued)
    • Case on how PDM & Process data can be processed into effective alarm management
  • Visualize
    • Importance of interactive KPI dashboards
    • Aspects of building an effective dashboard
    • Overview of the most important visualization principles 
  • Act
    • Initiating follow-up actions in the maintenance workflow
    • Case about the integration with CMMS to automatically generate work orders 

About the teacher:

Guido Verrept has been active as a trainer and improvement coach for more than 30 years. Helping companies and their employees to get a step ahead in their goals is his main motivation. Guido started his career as a design engineer at Atlas Copco, before joining ABB as Maintenance Manager. As a teacher Guido has been active all over the planet: from Australia and Africa to Brazil and of course Europe. Within the unified I-care company, Guido is training & assessment director and responsible for all training, both internal and external, public and in-company.

Tom Rombouts devotes his career entirely to maintenance organisations: production and project planning, process & reliability engineering, work preparation and revision coordination, quality management, QA and quality monitoring of critical spare parts, automation and data innovation ... Since 2017 Tom is Reliability consultant and certified trainer/coach at I-care. With his extensive knowledge he also guides several industrial players in their maintenance planning, FMEA and data innovation projects.

Organised by: BEMAS