Machine Lubrication Analyst MLA 1 (ISO 18436-4) Certification

Condition Monitoring
Machine Lubrication Analyst MLA 1 (ISO 18436-4) Certification This course is intended for Reliability and Maintenance Engineers, senior maintenance technicians and anyone involved in the implementation of reliability strategies and methods. Having lubrication experience of minimum 12 months and good technical insights are advised for this training. To obtain the certificate, you must pass the exam. Participation in the exam is not a requirement for participation in the course.

"This course emphasizes the importance of lubrication on the reliability of your installation. Gives you a clear insight into the main lubrication characteristics. The course also illustrates the main lubrication methods and applications with regard to the different oil analyzes."

Condition Monitoring On demand English On demand


• 12 months of practical experience in lubrication field* ;
• Basis technical training ;
• Necessary to pass the exam. Not mandatory to attend the training.


You will learn:

  • Good practices of oil sampling
  • Defaults detection and basic wear debris analysis
  • Contamination control and proactive maintenance
  • Lubricants analysis and routine actions
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Solid and liquid lubrication principles
  • How to choose lubricant and application method
  • Lubricants storage management
  • Presentation of real case studies for each fault
  • Questions/answers


3 days + 0.5 day for the certification


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch