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With I-care, you have the best maintenance & reliability talents in the world at your fingertips


Since 2004, I-care Group, has instituted and helped standardize Asset Management "best practices" for organizations globally. We are taking this experience to one of the most relevant challenges for Maintenance and Reliability Leaders today, hiring and retaining talent.

I-care Talent's mission is to Identify, Screen, Place, and Secure the talent your organization's needs today.

Challenges in the Industry

One of the biggest challenges the industry is facing today is staffing

It proves to be a huge challenge to find suitable talents, to attract them and to monitor their career development, their ambitions, let alone facilitate their objectives. Simply because companies do not have the resources for that.

The industry is mostly interested in hiring technical generalists, who can manage, organize and implement projects in different areas of expertise, but in the end they require these generalists to do a specialist's job. That is just too much to ask, resulting in unsatisfying results and frustration.

An expert pool of professionals

Finding and recruiting the best professionals

We understand that the industry is in dire need for project-based, temporary and permanent positions to be filled. Not only to fill the current shortages, but also because many companies are in the midst of a transition from conventional maintenance to more data-driven maintenance. maintenance 4.0! This requires additional skills.

We see that the industry is better off with a 'single point of contact' when it comes to staffing maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals. Professionals who emerge from a climate where training, coaching and development are the primary pillars and where job diversification and rotating contribute to having a solid and high level pool of specialists. Specialists to meet your current demand, but who are also ready for the future.

Challenging yes, but we’ve got your back!

Understanding your (global) staffing needs

A global network of maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals

Because we deliver our services all over the world, we know that there is enough work to address, where the immediate need for personnel is but also that the way of staffing can differ per country. With these needs as a starting point, we always offer our network and our specialists a high degree of job diversification and the possibility to rotate. For us there are no limits.

We ensure and monitor that our people have the opportunity to work on all types of projects in the field of maintenance and reliability and in all types of industries. We give everyone the opportunity to have a very steep learning curve. Over the years, I-care has built up a strong network of maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals and has a highly trained pool of specialists ready to meet your toughest challenges and help you improve your safety, profitability and performance.

With I-care you have the best talents in the world at your fingertips



I-care Talent helps you to find, attract and retain the right Maintenance & Reliability professionals

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