I-care awarded as Multinational of the Future by PWC & Trends Magazine

I-care awarded as Multinational of the Future by PWC & Trends Magazine

On Wednesday 20 November, the "Multinational of the Future" ceremony organized by the Belgian magazine Trends-Tendances and Price Waterhouse Cooper Belgium took place. I-care has been awarded as "Mutinational of the Future" with 9 others belgian promising companies.

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"Future World Champions"

The editorial teams of Trends and Trends-Tendances have selected, with the help of experts from Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), 10 Belgian companies with strong international potential. The main criteria are growth outside Belgian borders, strong local roots and of course not being a subsidiary of a large foreign group.

Among the 10 elected companies, the majority of which are active in the tech & IT sectors, I-care stands out thanks to its products and services related to Predictive Maintenance and Industry 4.0.

I-Care, the doctor of industrial machines

Little - if any - known to the general public, I-care Group is nevertheless leader of its sector in Belgium and in Europe. With 11 subsidiaries around the world, the predictive maintenance specialist for industrial machinery intends to become a global player in data collection and processing.
With more than 200 customers in the Benelux, the company already works with more than 50 corporate customers outside the Benelux. At the beginning of the year, the company signed the largest contract in its history in the United States. In the amount of $ 4 million, it concerns the 46 plants of a major energy supplier, spread over four US states. Since then, this American success has been confirmed by 2 other contracts for large US groups.

3 values at the service of our customers

What allows I-care to continue to grow is also its corporate culture and the 3 values that are linked to it:
  • Performance: being above expectations
  • Sustainability: maintain performance for a long time (several years)
  • Human respect: the only way to maintain sustainable performance

Innovation : vector of growth and differentiation

Since the creation of I-care in 2004, Fabrice Brion has always believed in the need to innovate to differentiate. This is how, in 2013, Wi-care ™ and I-see ™, 4.0 maintenance solutions, were born as the result of several years of internal research and development.
Since then, I-care continues to innovate through a comprehensive approach for Industry 4.0 and participating in many international research programs in this domain.

More information

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