The fastest and easiest way to maintenance 4.0

I-see™: The fastest and easiest way to maintenance 4.0


I-care™’s powerful web-based platform for predictive maintenance called I-see™, is available world-wide in 9 languages. I-see™ integrates multiple condition monitoring technologies including vibration, temperature and rotating speed providing a very high rate of fault detection which will reduce failures and improve machine reliability and therefore productivity.

The I-see™ web-based platform also integrates our Wi-care™ range of wireless condition monitoring sensors for increased automation of your predictive maintenance strategy. I-see™ data management and presentation is secure, simple and effective; you are able to visualize machine health, measure performance against a range of KPI’s and produce diagnostics report. All data is stored and managed to very high standards and, unlike many other online CMMS’, the data is always owned by you.

I-see Updates   


Home-made portal

I-see™ is an easy, clear, quick and intuitive solution which was designed in-house by I-care™’s own engineers with a focus on machine reliability. I-see™ is managed and kept-secure by I-care™. Online data centralization, online configuration tools, and online analysis interface are just a few of the many features which help you to proactively optimize your maintenance costs and plant availability through this unique and effective communication channel.

Share information easily

You can easily share your data in a very cost-efficient way. Just setup login information for management staff and other personnel so you can review and discuss data analysis, KPIs on equipment, the plant or data from other sister plants in just one view.

Plug & Play system

Wi-care™ and I-see™ create a perfect match for you in offering an easy plug and play solution. Simply plug your Wi-care™ transmitter on your equipment and play I-see™ on your device to visualize and analyze data. There are no more worries about software installation and installing updates. I-see™’s web-portal will handle all this and will be up-to-date, whenever you need access to the software.

Integrated technologies

Predictive maintenance is not only about vibration and temperature data collected by Wi-care™. It is important to integrate other condition parameters in order to detect faults and predict failure modes effectively and efficiently: lubricant, infrared thermography and ultrasound analysis. With I-see™ you can easily import multiple predictive technology data into a centralized area and view the predictive diagnostic of every mechanical asset based on the technology used.

Big data

Condition Monitoring

Possibility to integrate different predictive maintenance technologies: vibration, oil, infrared, ultrasound.

Wi-care™ products Range

I-see™ platform is compatible with the entire Wi-care™ range products.

Process Monitoring

Possibility to integrate other processes (temperature, pressure, flow,...) integration via I-see™ standard API.

Automatic software update

I-see™ is continually improving as technology advances. Updates containing improvements are released every 6 months. I-see™ is a web-based platform so there is no need of installation or updates configuration processes.


Plug & Play software: Access to the platform via a unique personal login. Use of one of the three most used web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.



HTTPS encrypted protocol

The connexion to I-see™ platform is based on one HTTPS Protocol. is A+ rated on SSL report. I-see ensures a secure encrypted internet transaction.

Secure data center

The I-see™ Data Center is located in Belgium and meet all the most demanding safety requirements (fire, power supply and safeguard). The server availability is guaranteed by SLA at minimum 99,5%.

Users and authorizations management

  • Vertical authorization

You can access your I-see™ account via a unique personal login and password. The login provide access to an identified part of the tree structure.

  • Horizontal authorization

The login gives access to established features according to authorization level of the login in use (create, modify, delete, read-only, ... )

Data protection - GDPR

I-see™ platform fully complies with the criteria imposed by GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a new comprehensive data protection law by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). GDPR is in effect from May 25, 2018.

Machine learning



I-see™ platform can host data coming from predictive maintenance sensors and also integrate the data collected on the process. Besides those inputs, the software is able to learn and analyze the monitored machine behavior.

Asset Health management

Criticality range

I-see™ offers a platform helping you to ask a comprehensive series of questions which represent the interests of different aspects of your operation. (production, maintenance, safety, procurement, engineering, etc.) The answers to such questions help prioritize equipment and actions as part of a modern maintenance strategy; the pragmatic “Maintenance 4.0” approach.

Failure mode driven

FMEA is an analytical process that aims for the most optimised maintenance strategy in combining predictive, preventive, failure finding, redesign and consequence reduction tasks.

I-see™ guarantees centralization of the complete maintenance strategy for your equipment that includes clearly written and precise preventive and predictive maintenance tasks based on the actual failure modes and potential failures you are experiencing on site.

Diagnostic analysis tool


When you detect abnormal vibration amplitudes, just open the spectrum page provided for each high-resolution spectrum and view:

  • Time waveform (G)
  • Velocity spectrum (mm/s)
  • Acceleration spectrum (G)

Spectrum display overlays:

  • Single cursor
  • Harmonic cursor with Set Speed function
  • Benchmarking tools for similar equipment
  • View evolution of each frequency in time
  • Band cursor
  • Peak cursor
  • Frequency analysis cursor
  • Diagnostics cursor
  • Zoom


The waterfall can follow the historical evolution of amplitudes depending on collected frequencies over time. It allows easy visualisation of the equipment’s behaviour compared to operating conditions.


I-see™ platform is compatible with the I-care patented technology I-DNA.

I-DNA (Intelligent Decimation Numerical Algorithm) supplements traditional maximum frequency of interest (FMAX) vibration analysis with dual-spectrum stress wave analysis of oversampled data.



Infinitely customizable dashboard

With I-see™, it’s possible to display interactive external predictive reporting data in a customized dashboard. The submitted dashboard can be customized depending on user’s needs.


I-see™ enables easy and powerful benchmarking of different areas, countries, plants, departments or equipment within your organization. Proactively benefit from the equipment histories, actions and improvements made on similar equipment or plants in the other areas of your organization. The submitted KPI can be compared according to the different part of the tree structure.

Key Performance indicators (KPI’s)

I-see™ improves maintenance management and communication effectiveness through KPI’s which allow you to see in an effective view how your plant is performing:

  • Evaluate and analyze the number of faults and their criticality.
  • View time savings through avoided downtime with i-See’s financial KPIs.
  • Improve ROI through using Wi-care™ condition monitoring sensors.

Control room

A recent update of I-see™ includes the very useful "Control Room" dashboard function. Control Room allows you to have a global overview of all the Wi-care™ devices installed on the machines in your plant. Control Room is real time. It refreshes automatically to let you see the status of your devices 24/7. The dashboard is interactive, you can click on buttons and see the detailed statement of the device at any time. This important enhancement is embedded in the latest release of I-see™.

Instant SMS alarms


Authorised users receive a message if vibration readings exceed alarm levels set for.

Default Frequency - Alert and Alarm levels

Configuration of alarm levels for specific well-known default frequencies.
Configuration of the following alert and alarm levels for each measuring point:

  • mm/s (RMS) min and max
  • g (pk) min and max
  • External temperature min and max
  • Internal temperature min and max

SMS & e-mail alert

Set-up and configuration of alert notifications can be sent by email to concerned personnel alert notifications are also seens as a ‘Red Flag’ on the I-see™ portal.

Multi-app connected



I-see™ has got an API allowing data transfer to any CMMS to make sure the plan is imported and the work orders come out of the system when and where you need them.